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Pellet Stove installation long island

Pellet Stove installation long island

Pellet stoves are a more attractive option for today’s homeowners. They are an innovative alternative to the traditional heating system. The pellet stove is great as a fuel for sawmill products and has better environmental friendliness than most waste products. Homeowners turn to pellet stoves because they make better economic sense.

Overview of Long Island pellet stove installation

The proper pellet stove installation in Long Island guarantees safety of the unit and the home. The first step is to check whether your county has guidelines on the installation of fireplace options. A DIY installation project will require that you check the manual for all details of ensuring a professional and safe installation.


An improperly installed stove will result in serious health concerns and a probable decline in the unit’s longevity. It is best to understand the pellet stove mechanics and how it fits into its installation spot.

Factors that determine the location


The installation professional will recommend a freestanding pellet stove if you want a minimal footprint in the room. The furnace will usually have up to 6 or 7 inches away from the sidewall to leave enough room for a delicate operation. The stove should be 36 inches from furniture and foot traffic areas. One may consider a more significant distance in a house with a small child or pet.


The exhaust pipe goes through the chimney and should have a tight seal to prevent gas leaks. The second venting line will usually have air combustion from the outside to facilitate the burn.

Power supply

Pellet stoves need the closes outlet to the thermostat, circuit board, or fan. The best fireplace services in Long Island, NY, should have a backup battery if you depend on it as the sole heater or burner in the house.

Floor protection

Pellet stoves should rest on a non-combustible surface like a ceramic floor or stone to guard against burning the body. Our installation expert will install a pad that extends a couple of inches away from the stove to ensure adequate protection against the heat.

Stove insertion

The traditional stove has an attractive rustic appeal. Most people enjoy how it transforms the dining area while working as an excellent heater in an extensive home. Sleepy Hollow can maintain the stove’s traditional look but include renovations like metal liners for better ventilation. We can choose a custom design that either fits into the modern or contemporary pellet stove style.

Factors affecting the cost of a pellet stove


The decision between a freestanding or insert fireplaces in Long Island will significantly determine the price of installation.


Larger Long Island fireplaces will cost more than a standard one in the average home. An example is that the 60,000 BTU will have a larger energetic footprint and occupy a larger square foot on the property. Consequentially, you will use more money on the installation than you would a smaller alternative.

Additional features

The pellet stove with various features and aesthetics will cost more because certain materials naturally increase the purchase and special installation price.

The best way to ensure smooth pellet stove installation in Long Island is to hire a professional with decent experience. We are available on (631) 242-2733 and aim to get you the best quality of tools and services for any degree of an installation project.


Pellet Stove installation long island
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Pellet Stove installation long island

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