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Remodeling Orange County

Remodeling Orange County Keystone Orange County Remodeling salutes the heroes of the past in architecture and design. After Frank Llyod Wright left Louis Sullivan Wright decided to establish his own practice on the top floor of the Sullivan designed Schiller Building on Randolph Street in Chicago. Wright chose to locate his office here because the tower reminded him of the office of Adler and Sullivan. Although Cecil Corwin followed Wright, he set up his own architecture practice in the same office. The two however worked independently and did consider themselves partners. Within a year on his own Corwin decided that his didn't like architecture and moved east to find a new profession. When Corwin left Wright moved out of the Schiller Building nad into a nearby and newly completed Stein Hall Building. This loft space was shared with Robert C. Spencer Jr., Myron Hunt and Dwight H. Perkins. All these young artitechs were inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement and the philosophies in which Louis Sullivan started and what would later form the Prairie School. They were also accompanied by Perkins apprentice, Marion Mahony who transferred to Wright team in 1895 and took over production of his presentation drawings and watercolor renderings. Mahony became the first licensed female architect in the United States. She also designed furniture, leaded glass windows, light fixtures and other features for Wright's houses. Between the period of 1894 and the early 1910s, several leading Prairie School architects and Wrights employee's launched their careers from the offices of Steinway Hall. Wright's projects during this time followed two different models. On the one hand there was his very first independent commission, this was the Winslow House. This house combined Sullivanesque ornamentation with a focus on simple geometry and horizontal lines that is typical of Wright houses. The Heller House, Francis Apartments, Rollin Furbeck House and Husser House were all designed in the same style. For the more conservative clients, Wright gave into designing more traditional houses. These styles included Dutch Colonial Revival style with the Bagley House, Tudor Revival style with the Moore House I and Queen Anne style with the Charles Roberts House. He was now an emerging architect and Wright could not afford to turn down clients over disagreements in taste, but even the most conservative designs still had simplified massing and occasional Sullivan inspired details. Soon after he completed the Winslow House in 1894, Edward Waller, a friend and former client of Wright and invited to meet Chicago architect and planner Daniel Burnham. Burnham was very impressed byt the Winslow House and other examples of Wright's work. Burnham offered to finance a four year education at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and two years in Rome, Italy. Keystone Orange County Remodeling has the most experience in doing residential and commercial remodels. Remodeling Orange County
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Remodeling Orange County

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