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Tampa Trenchless Technology

Tampa Trenchless Technology

Prevent property damage caused by water leaks. When you notice the first signs of leaks, contact Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions. We use advanced ePipe technology to provide solutions for leaking copper pipes, pinhole leaks in galvanized water pipes, and more. Get a free estimate of pipe repair and restoration at FixMyLeaks.Com.

Take into account serious property damage and escalating bills, and you will quickly realize how even the smallest water leaks can spiral from being a small issue to a potentially devastating problem on your finances. Don’t ignore the first symptoms. If not repaired, water leaks can damage walls, ceilings, and even foundations. 

Luckily, new technologies have made it easier to identify water leaks and solve the issue before there is any significant damage to your home or commercial property. No longer will you have to deal with the mess of diggings and excavations involved in traditional water leak repair. Call Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions now to find out how you can take advantage of the latest in plumbing repair: the ePIPE technology. Unlike traditional plumbers, we don’t need to tear down your walls and flooring or ruin your landscaping in order to pinpoint where a leak is coming from. We use electronics and video to get inside the pipes and accurately diagnose the problem areas. We then use compressed air to clean and dry the pipe interiors. Then, we apply patented ePIPE epoxy coating to the interior. This coating provides the pipes a porcelain-like and super durable finish that seals as well as prevents future leaks. 

Replacing your property’s pipes because of a water leak is not only costly—it is also not environment-friendly as it creates waste. Choose our non-destructive ePIPE technology instead. Your piping system will be restored to ‘like-new’ condition—all without the mess and expenses involved in traditional re-piping.

Tampa Trenchless Technology

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Tampa Trenchless Technology

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